Ruby Woo – MAC Lipstick

One thing I’ve always wanted was MAC lipstick, but if you know me, I’d rather buy 6 tubes of lipstick from Walmart before I splurge on 1 tube from MAC. A week ago, I said screw it – I’ve got a source of income, so why not treat myself, right?

I went online and researched the best selling lipsticks from MAC, and the two that came up were Ruby Woo and Russian Red. I gravitate towards darker shades of lipstick because of my skin tone, so I was going to buy Russian Red which looks like a deeper red but isn’t as matte as Ruby Woo. But there was something to the matte-ness of Ruby Woo. It kind of looked like velvet, and that was the winning factor for me.

Version 2

Ruby Woo came in the mail a few days ago, and I haven’t stopped wearing it since. It stays on all day, but the only thing about it is that it will dry up after a while and may flake off if you rub your lips together a lot. Besides that, I definitely give it a thumbs up (haha).