LifeProof Forever

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am right now!

About a week ago, my LifeProof case reached the point where it was so torn up that I knew I had to get a new case. The rubber sides were peeling off, and I had to tape the home button cover to the case. It was in pretty bad shape. Thankfully my warranty was still active, and I contacted customer service for a new case.

Unfortunately I left for the beach before it came in the mail, so my poor phone had to endure sand, sun, and ocean water all while barely keeping it together. At one point, I took it too far into the ocean and got water all over it. Thank god LifeProof is life proof even when it’s all broken up, and my phone walked away in perfect condition.

Lucky for me, the new case was waiting for me at home! I got the frē waterproof iPhone 5/5s case in magenta/dark magenta.


Anyone who knows me knows that my phone takes a beating regularly. My parents know how clumsy I am, so I have had a LifeProof case since I got my first iPhone. It costs a pretty penny, but it is so worth it. LifeProof has saved my phone from drops from a lofted dorm bed, pool water, and being thrown across a room. If you are as clumsy as me, I highly recommend the getting one for yourself.