New York Unfiltered

As much as I really want to dedicate a whole blog post to detailing every single thing I did during my trip to New York, I would be better off writing a book instead because it was the craziest weekend I have ever had. We packed so much into three days, and I think I only slept for a total of eight hours the whole trip. I have to give props to my host, Nia, and my traveling buddy, Kaitlyn, for the amazing time.

So to keep it nice and short for you, here’s a list of the more notable things that we did.

  • 5th Harmony concert for The Today Show’s Summer Concert Series
  • Ticker tape parade for the Women’s National soccer team
  • Battery park and The Statue of Liberty
  • Little Italy
  • SOHO
  • Modern Museum of Art
  • Gansevoort Park Rooftop
  • The Edge dive bar
  • Chelsea Highline and Market
  • Times Square
  • Greenwich Village Comedy Club
  • Off the Wagon bar