Fun Times at Suwanee Fest

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Every fall the city of Suwanee, Georgia has Suwanee Fest, which is a huge community event at Town Center Park (a.k.a. the cutest park ever for families). Nearly a hundred exhibitors come to sell their products or services, and people from surrounding areas come to enjoy the good energy, delicious food and live music.

This year was my second time at Suwanee Fest, and even though I was only supposed to spend two hours there, I ended up staying five hours. It’s funny how these things happen, right?

Well I couldn’t leave until I made my first loop around, then I had to make multiple other trips to compare prices for similar knick-knacks. I ended up only buying edible things (surprise, surprise), but I wanted to buy everything.

I actually fell in love with a teacup made by A. HER Artistry. It was a wide-rimmed, white teacup with the word “peace” written across it, and if you haven’t heard about my love for plain, white dinnerware, you will eventually. This was the prettiest damn teacup I have ever seen, and I was thisss close to buying it until I was told they didn’t take card.

Note to all home business owners: buy a credit card reader for your iPhone/iPad/whatever NOW because people just don’t carry cash anymore. And just to make this easier for you, here is one from Apple that’s only $9.95.

To cope with not being able to buy that teacup, I stopped by the Serenity Gardens tent which was manned by Chef Sharon, who makes homemade jams, spreads, and sauces. I bought muscadine jelly for my roommate, who basically lives off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, sweet Vidalia mustard for me because I love both onions and mustard, and red raspberry spread just for fun. I also made a stop at Maeday BBQ Sauces because I’ve been on the hunt for some good ass barbeque sauce, specifically a honey mustard BBQ sauce (which I used to make pulled pork last week, and it was the bomb).

And we couldn’t leave without showing some love to the Georgia SPCA. Shout out to them for letting me play with puppies and having cute mugs!

I’ll see you again next year Suwanee Fest!

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