Charming Goals for 2016


Ahhh it’s 2016 – how are you doing on your new years resolution? Did you make one? If not, check out my previous post for some resolutions that you’ll enjoy sticking to.

As for me, I have some goals I am hoping to work towards this year. For the past couple of years, I set some pretty unrealistic goals. This time, I’m hoping to do it big by starting off small.

Eat more vegetables – I can count on one hand the vegetables that I enjoy eating: broccoli and green beans. It’s not that I hate vegetables; it’s that I enjoy eating other things like pasta and hot wings. But as I get older, I get more concerned about the food I use to fuel my body, and I’m simply not as healthy as I should be. I am going to start incorporating more vegetables into my meals, and hopefully I find more vegetables that I enjoy eating. I’ll most likely keep you guys updated on my food journey through my food blog Broke Bitch Meals.

Volunteer more – There are plenty of things I am passionate about, one of them being animals. I started volunteering at my local animal shelter a long time ago, but since I started working, my schedule doesn’t work well with their open hours. But as all PR people do, I’ve created a plan B. Instead of volunteering physically at the shelter, I’ll put more time into assisting online and offering my help with tasks that can be done remotely.

Read more books – If I could be anything in the world, I would be a writer. Just the thought of sitting down at a desk with a cup of coffee and my fuzzy socks makes me warm inside. But writing is mentally exhausting sometimes, and my schedule this year is already jam packed. So instead of writing, I am going to read. Instead of scrolling through Facebook and Twitter before bed, I am going to read a little bit before I go to sleep.

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