Back & Better


Oh, how good it feels to be back! Since August, I’ve had a lot of changes in my life – both good and bad. I’ll have to catch you up soon with a series of new blog posts. But until then…

Check out the resolutions I made for myself in the new year. Please hold me accountable! Usually I go with something simple like “be a better person” or “work out more.” This year, I took a different approach that is a bit better suited for my mindset.

I like to compartmentalize my life just to stay organized, so I figured that compartmentalizing my resolutions would be more beneficial to me. Check out how I broke it down below.

The first set of goals focuses on me and what I can do to better myself, my career and my finances.

2017 Resolutions

The second set of goals revolves around my social life and my relationship with others. My family and friends are so important to me, and I want to make sure I stay present in their lives while also extending my network to people who share the same interests.

2017 Resolutions 2

While I still can’t believe that we are now three months into 2017, time is a’tickin, and I am super excited to see what this new year brings. I am thankful for everyone who has stuck with me through the last year, and I am looking forward to taking on bigger and riskier endeavors with all of you by my side.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 4.40.29 PM

2 thoughts on “Back & Better

  1. stashy says:

    So nice to see an update from you!
    Looks like you’ve got life figured out, ha! XD
    I’m especially liking the circle for the “passion” items! You can do it! 🙂
    Re: make more decisions on where to eat under “relationship” – this is a constant point of discussion between my SO and I. I finally created a spreadsheet of all the restaurants nearby noting down the type of cuisine and whether it’s new to us. It helps!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kelly says:

      Oh my gosh, I am so excited to be back! Thanks so much for your encouragement – please keep me accountable! haha do you have any goals for this year?

      And yes! It’s so hard for me to decide where I want to eat haha I’ll try that spreadsheet idea because I’m starting to lose track of which restaurants I want to try! Any cool restaurants in your area?


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