Spring/Summer Wreath

I have a love for wreaths – just ask my boyfriend how many we have in storage right now. One of my favorite pastimes is going to Homegoods to look at seasonal wreaths because who doesn’t love a good piece of door decor?!

But I have come to realize that my love for wreaths has turned into a bit of a hoarding situation that I need to get under control, hence this post on a wreath that I can leave up for half the year!

When I initially bought this wreath, I knew I didn’t LOVEEE it. I’m sure some of you know know how that goes – it’s good enough but just not perfect. Every time I put it on the door, I just hated the way it looked and knew that eventually I would have to either donate it to Goodwill or figure out how to make myself love it. Spoiler – I made myself love it!

The initial wreath didn’t have any of the florals on it, so I took some fake florals that I had in my craft closet from my niece’s birthday and cut the stem about a 3 inches from the top (you’ll need the stems to wiggle the flowers into place on the wreath). Once I got the flowers where I wanted them, I used a hot glue gun to glue the flowers and stems into place.

So that was my quick and dirty way that I transformed this boring wreath into something that I left up for half the year!